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"I ain't just Crusher Creel, an ordinary con anymore! I'm the Absorbing Man... the most dangerous guy in the world!!" - Carl Creel

Carl Creel was an ordinary villain who battled against Daredevil. When the God of Mischief, Loki offered him power in exchange to fight Thor, Carl excepted and thus became the Absorbing Man. Carl has been known to take on the likes of many of Marvel's powerhouses like Hulk and Thor and has been shown to be a formidable opponent. He has also cross paths with both Spider-Man and Captain Marvel, only to be defeated and sent back to prison. He was broken out of prison by Magneto to take on the Red Onslaught and end its threat. He is now inverted by the inversion spell and has now used his powers for good.


Omni-morph Duplication (Carl Creel has been shown to be able to absorb and take on the form material. Depending on the type of material absorbed Carl is able to increase his strength, durability, speed, and possibly energy projection and flight if he absorbs something energy related. Over the years he has been shown to be able to maintain control over his powers and has at times absorb 2 or more materials.)

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