May Reilly (Earth-616) from Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 600

"You're wounded, Peter. It's a wound that stays with you. Changes you. You'll see the pain of this world more readily. You know it's there now. You won't be able to ignore it. You'll see that life is temporary. Fragile. That every death is as important to someone as Ben's was to you...That every life is worth protecting. And you'll feel weak where Ben's strength used to prop you up. But you'll honor him by standing on your own. Because you'll see that Ben taught you how to be strong, and you'll show the world that his strength still sustains you" - Aunt May

May Parker, also known as May Reilly is Peter's aunt and has taken care of Peter since young. She has been an important figure to his life and she along with Uncle Ben have helped shape a lot of Peter's core values that would one day help Peter overcome his problems as Spider-Man. Aunt May's has recently been able to walk again due to the efforts of Otto Octavius when he was in the body of Spider-Man. She now has a relationship with J.John Jameson Sr who is Parker Industries largest investor.

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