Janice Lincoln (Earth-616)

"Beetle, a.k.a, Janice Lincoln, daughter of a crime boss, brains of a lawyer and a heart of steel." - Narrator

Janice Lincoln is the daughter of Tombstone, a well known crime boss who had a notorious reputation, she gained the Beetle Amour MK IV from Baron Zemo who had used her in the fight against Captain America. After her defeat, she was broken out of prison through unknown means and joined the newly formed Sinister Six. Alongside Speed Demon and 4 other villains, the Sinister Six's robbery was soon interfered by the Superior Spider-Man. Although they had managed to escape the 6 of them were brutally beaten in their second encounter. Aside from the Beetle Amour MK IV which grants her flight, increased strength, speed and durability, Janice has no true super powers of her own. She has recently escaped from prison and tends to commit small crimes in hopes that she would not be defeated by any of the super heroes.

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