"So what do we got, you ask? Well, let’s see— there’s the pretty boy driver— Overdrive. A pretty girl thief— Beetle. The new one. An advance guy who specializes in being the pain in the butt… in a room full of pains in the butt. Speed Demon. Obviously. Oh, right. And a coward. You always gotta have one of those. Thanks, Shocker. Together, we’re the new Sinister Six. And yes, I am aware there are only five of us, thank you." - Frederick Myers

Frederick Myers aka Boomerang is an Australian who moved to America since young. Since young Fred had an uncanny talent in pitching and was in the major leagues for basketball. Seeing his talent, a criminal organization set out to recruit him into their ranks. Over the years Boomerang has been defeated by Spider-Man many times. In recent times he set out to form his own version of the Sinister Six and he became the leader of the group. A fight with the Superior Spider-Man has taught him a lesson. Other than his uncanny talent for pitching and his near perfect accuracy and precision, Boomerang has no super powers of his own. He relies soley on his skills and boomerang gadgets to get the job done. He has recently escaped from prison and tends to commit small crimes in hopes that he would not be defeated by any of the super heroes.

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