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"Captain Marvel. The name will always define the best of us. Perhaps it should live on." -Carol Danvers

Born in a family in a Boston family, Carol Danvers was destined to be one of the top Air-Force pilots the world have ever seen. While carrying out a mission, Carol was transformed into the superhero known as Ms Marvel and after a series of events, she became the marvellous "Captain Marvel". Overtime Carol developed an interest in Peter and she didn't deny that she had crush on him when he asked her about it. She is currently in space, trying to sort out her feelings so as to find her place in this world.


•Superhuman Strength of up to 75 tons (Carol is able to lift up to a 100 tons through energy absorption.)

Superhuman Speed (Carol is able to run as fast as an accelerating car on foot.)

Superhuman Durability (Carol's body is much tougher to the extend that she is in a sense bullet proof. She can use the energy she absorb to boost her durability up to a certain degree.)

•Superhuman Agility and Reflexes (Carol has reflexes and agility superior to that of the finest human athlete)

•Flight (Carol is able to propel herself through the air at tremendous speeds, she is able fly at 5 times the speed of sound)

•Contaminant Immunity (Carol has a a higher resistant towards toxins and poison)

Photonics Blast (Carol is able to fire powerful concussive blast from her hands and fingertips that are stronger than Iron Man's repulsers)

•Flash Precognition (Carol is able to sense danger at times, this ability though very similar to Peter's "Spider-Sense", however it is not as effective due to it activating at random.)

•Energy Absorption (Carol is able to absorb various kinds of energy to temporarily use it to augment her abilities, after absorbing enough energy, she is able to transform temporarily into her Binary form which is a much stronger version of her current powers.)

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