Karn from Superior Spider-Man Vol 1 33 (cover)

"I am no demon, child. Sadly for you I'm far worse." - Karn

Karn of the Inheritors hail from another universe known as Earth-000. His family are a group of Spider-Totemic Hunters and they feed upon the life energies of Spider-Mens all across the multiverse. An outcast in his family, Karn was exiled from his home after his beloved mother had died due to his unwillingness to kill the master weaver. Forced across the different dimensions, Karn hopes that one day he will return home and regain his family's respect. Karn has recently come into conflict with the Superior Spider-Man and his group of Spider-Mens. His current status and whereabouts are unknown.


Superhuman Strength of up to 50 tons (Note that this is a rough estimate of Karn's strength. Karn has been shown to be able to throw an entire train carriage over a 100 feet with only one hand. )

Superhuman Speed (Karn is able to run as fast as an accelerating car on foot and is able to catch up with the web slinging abilities of Spider-Mens.)

Superhuman Durability (Karn's body is extremely resistant to injury. He has been shown to remain unfazed by an electric shock capable of powering an entire city. He is able to withstand gunshots and has shown only slight discomfort after being hit in the neck by a knife.)

•Fire Proof (Karn is not affected by fire and has been shown to walk out from an entire explosion with no injuries.) 

Inter-dimensional Teleporting (Through unknown means, Karn is able to transport himself from one universe to another.) 

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