Peter Parker (Kaine) (Earth-616) as Scarlet Spider

"My name is Kaine. I never run from anything. Tonight I make an exception." - Kaine Parker

Kaine was the first clone of Peter Parker created by the Jackal and was considered to be a failed experiment. He suffered from degeneration and decided to spend his entire life defending Peter Parker. During the Spider Island event Kaine was cured of his degeneration and decided to use his powers for the greater good. In recent events Kaine has merged with "the other", a powerful entity who has enhanced his powerful spider abilities.


Superhuman Strength of up to 20 tons (Kaine had shown many times to be able to lift heavy objects like cars and bending metal as if it is like break a pencil.)

Wall Crawling (Kaine is able to stick onto any surface, allowing him to climb walls and achieve many feats.)

Superhuman Speed (Kaine is able to run as fast as an accelerating car on foot.)

Superhuman Durability (Kaine's body is much tougher to the extend that he is able to withstand injuries that a normal human can, such as falling from a height of several stories and is more resistant to injury compared to the likes of Spider-Man.)

•Superhuman Agility and Reflexes (Kaine has reflexes 15 times that of a normal human and combine with his agility is able to dodge bullets from point blank range.) 

•Regenerative Healing Factor (Kaine has a form of healing factor. Though his healing factor is not as efficient as Wolverine, he is able to recover from severe injuries within days, this also gives him a higher immunity towards diseases.)

•Night Vision (Kaine possess night vision and is able to see clearly at night.)

•Mark of Kaine (Kaine can channel energy endothermically through his hands to leave a severe burn mark on the faces of his enemies. After being cured of his degeneration it is unknown if Kaine still possess this ability.)

•Stingers (Kaine has developed retractable, razor-sharp stingers that were located beneath his wrist. They released a venom that can cause trauma and temporary paralysis via nerve impulse transmission.)

•Biological/Organic Webbing Generation (Kaine has the ability to produce his own silk webbing from his glands within his forearms and is only limited by his body's health and nutrition.)

•The Other (Under great amounts of pressure, Kaine can transform into a giant monstrous arachnid that is controlled by the other.)

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